11. Alifa and her master plan to become the governor of the central bank in Indonesia

Dream big and have a plan, that could be the summary of our talk with Alifa Starlika, a digital economy enthusiast with a passion for education and a student of Public Policy in Cambridge in the United Kingdom. As a child, she saw that there is a big difference between her and other children, who were not as fortunate and had to be on the street of the Indonesian metropolis Jakarta. Having grown older, she started to dream of changing this.

Combined with her interest in the economy, she identified the position of the governor of the central bank as the one, where she can tackle one of these problems, Indonesia has. It is fascinating, how clear her vision is and even more inspiring, how she wants to achieve her dream. Alifa created her 20-year long master plan, which she follows every day. Nevertheless, in real life, nothing goes entirely according to your plan. Therefore, we talked also about the benefits of detours, you take along your way.

Enjoy listening to this very interesting guest:)

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