12. Matúš and how his frustration turned into a big dream

When we have to decide after high school, what we want to study, a lot of us have no idea. Sadly, we often choose the wrong school or even the wrong studies. Matúš had the same problem and that brought him to the idea to give young people first-hand experience at their desired university before they start to study there.

Together with his friends he created a non-profit organization – Future Generation Europe, which started to organize youth-events that help people not only with their studies but also with their career. Events like MiniErasmus, mentoring programs, and many more helped to change the educational scene in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

In this podcast episode, we talked about the key factors, which helped Matúš to create Future Generation Europe and what he dreams of. If his story sparked your interest, do not hesitate to listen to our podcast:)

Matús holding his opening speech during MiniErasmus event with more then 500 participants

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Show links

Future Generation Europe – the official website of his organisation

Members of Future Generation Europe
Mini-Erasmus – event giving young people the oportunity to attend their desired university during 3 days

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