14. Gabriel and his journey to Hollywood

The life of an actor is not easy. You often have to deal with rejection. Going from one casting to another and waiting for the final decision can be frustrating. On the other hand, if you do not get one role you wanted to, you can be spotted for another one. Gabriel has a lot of these stories and he is working hard in order to act with the best – in Hollywood.

However, there is one more way you can choose as an actor to escape these rejections. You can become a filmmaker yourself. This way, you learn not only a new skill, but you can write a role for yourself, thus becoming less dependent on other directors. Gabriel chose this way and since then he has made several good movies. Some of them won even a festival prize.

Furthermore, we talked also about “Kino cabaret” – a festival for filmmakers, which changed not only Gabriel´s life but also mine. Kino cabaret is based also on the sharing principle. You have an idea, which you then share with other filmmakers. If they find your vision interesting, you can find your entire crew and make the film.

We had even more topics, therefore, do not hesitate to listen to this new episode.

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Link to the festival, where Gabriel´s film “Do not harm” will be screened – here.

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