Dream journey 11: Rebalancing my lifestyle

It has been almost a year since I decided to leave the “comfortable” life in a company that provided me with a stable paycheck every month. Many great things happened since then. I found my old passion, learned a lot, and got to know amazing people.

My name is Jirka and welcome to follow my dream journey, which I embarked on in July 2019. Whether you are my friend, a stranger, or someone from my family, I decided to share my newest adventure and path towards my dreams. If you have not read about my first month, I would highly encourage you to look at it first, so you know what I write about:)

May 2020

I continued to live in this beautiful city – Prague

This month we all tried to get back to our “normal” lives, at least here in Czechia. Most of the restrictions have been eased and so I started to bring back my social life. This had unfortunately some toll on me, as I became once again “socially” busy.

Last month, I mentioned that I was really happy because I started to focus on what is important. This was especially thanks to social distancing. Having experienced this, I was quite anxious about my newly gained freedom. Naturally, I am a people-oriented person and I started to meet all my friends again. Furthermore, I engaged in more projects, which began to stress me out.

Fortunately, when you are working on your own, you can freely decide what you want to work on and what you do not want to. Therefore, during the whole month, I was trying to get the right balance between my social and work life.

My goals and progress



I am very proud that I could keep up my pace and record 5 new episodes of my BiggestDreamers podcast. Finally, I could see myself as a podcast host. This gave me definitely more confidence.

In May, you could already listen to Yasmin and her career shift, then to Alifa, her 20 years long master plan, and lastly to Matus, who turned his frustration into one big dream.

Matus and how he turned his frustration into a dream
BiggestDreamers podcast
Yasmin and her career shift
Alifa and her 20 years long master plan

Here you can see the newest podcast episodes.

Besides the podcast, I organized another BiggestDreamers online dinner. Surprisingly, this time people from all around the world joined.

Sadly, my huge idol and inspiration – Barbara Sher died this month. She gave me this idea of a dream-sharing community. I dreamt of talking to her and learning more about her attitude. Even though I cannot talk to her personally, her message stayed and I hope to learn more about her.

The longer I think about my impact on BiggestDreamers, the more I have the need for something long-lasting. One of my ideas is to create a BiggestDreamers course, which I would give to people, who believe in dreaming. This way I could guide them for a longer time.

I still see a big potential in my community. Having learned about others, I understand that reaching more people has been one of my biggest struggles. I believe that this will change in the near future. I made the first step and started to employ people on Fiverr (a freelance platform). After long consideration, I also created an account on my Instagram to promote my community further.


Having learned a lot about editing last month, I wanted to employ my skills and therefore, I worked on new projects. One of these was a music video for my good friend David Jablonski, who is an aspiring singer.

As we could meet in person again, I could start to work on my film again. These works have been stopped two months ago. Having met my crew, it felt like nothing has changed and so we could continue with the shooting, which we finished at the end of this month.

Moreover, I could fulfill my other dream and act in a Czech short film. This was a completely new experience for me, as I always acted in foreign languages.

Animation was a huge passion of mine ten years ago, which I abandoned. Corona lock down gave me the time to find my path back and this way, I was able to learn again how to animate and work on this movie, which I left unfinished. I realized that animating is a very relaxing task, which helps me to calm down. Animation is about paitence, and this is what we often lack.

I left this film unfinished 10 years ago, now I continue working on it.

After long time, I also published a new train video, which you can see here:

Even though it took longer, I was able to achieve all the film goals I had. I made 2 movies, a music video, and acted in one short film. The only thing, which I could not achieve was being an extra in international production. This was not possible, as foreign film crews have not returned back to Prague yet. Nevertheless, I am not giving up on this dream.


This was the second month of my online teaching career and I have to say that I am still enjoying it. Sometimes it is challenging and I am still learning how to teach, I am happy with my progress. Usually, I teach around 12 hours per week, which is still not enough to cover everything, however, it puts down the pressure that I am not able to earn anything.

Logically, my expenses went up as we could do more things like eating out or traveling to other places. I also started to invest in cryptocurrencies. This time, I decided to hold them in my portfolio and not to invest in shady schemes.

Lastly, I decided to create a new budget for my fictional company. All money I earn with teaching, I would like to invest in my BiggestDreamers and film projects. As a saver, I often have problems to spend money. This is the reason, why I need these tiny psychological tricks to finally force myself to invest in my business.

Having worked on my projects for almost a year, I realized that the only things which I invested in was my PC and my camera. This is desperately little. In the near future, I would like to invest in a new microphone, lights, and my website. I have seen that I can achieve a lot without money, but sometimes you reach your limits, and investing can help you to overcome them.

This was my income:

Teaching German:  450 €
Parents support:     250 €
Total:                         700 €

These were my spendings:

Food:                    183 €
Rent:                     333 €
Transportation:    33 €
Others:                 134 €
Total:                    683 €

With the support of my parents, I was even able to save 17 € this month, despite paying for two rents, which I currently have. I have to pay for my room in Vienna and in Prague.

I am not a rich person, but I live a rich life. I can decide what I want to do and where I want to be. This was important for me when I left my corporate job. Back then, I was able to save every month 1 000 € and that was awesome. On the other hand, every day I had to sacrifice my 9 hours to do mostly a job I did not want to do.

My biggest success

Sometimes it is a big success to slow down and just the things and places which are around you. This is a small park right under my flat, which is so pretty, when the sun comes up.

Restarting the works on my film and making my first music video was a huge success for me. This was what I always wanted to do and I believe that this is the right path. Moreover, I do not feel so lonely on my journey anymore, since I found other people taking a similar path.

Most importantly, I feel fulfilled and I feel that the things I am doing are right and that is the best feeling I can have. It does not matter that there are many ups and many downs. They have to be there, otherwise the life would be boring. It matters, that I am where I want to be and this is huge to me.

My biggest failure

Failure might often feel like a fall from big rocks. However, we should fall regularly, so we can stand up and change what we were doing wrong.

Investing in my own business is still a struggle for a saver like me. Despite having allocated a separate budget, I was able to spend only 39 USD. This was mainly spent on promotion, which, in my eyes, did not work properly.
I started to use the freelance platform “Fiverr”. However, I realized that I often do not know, what exactly I want to buy.

This is related mainly to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which should help you to gain exposure in Google ranking. The problem is, that this topic is so complex and it is not enough to invest just a few bugs to find some trending keywords.

Furthermore, I joined a project of my friend, where I hoped to help. Unfortunately, I was not as happy as I learned that I cannot do too many things at once. This caused also a lot of stress for me and therefore, I decided to pull back.

Now I know, that I want to collaborate with others only if it is directly linked to my work. Otherwise, I cannot do anything properly.


I just explored this new hidden park. These views made me truly happy:)

I cannot say that I was unhappy, but I can definitely confirm that I was less happy than the last month. There were several reasons for this.

1. The weather – May was quite cold and rainy, which did not add up on my mood
2. Losing my peace – as our country gradually got out of the lockdown, we all became busier. I truly missed the quiet streets.
3. Social stress – Meeting more people leaves you with less time for your own projects and as mentioned above, finding the right balance is not easy.
4. Saying yes to many projects – I have to learn how to say no. I want to be everywhere and that often results in my being nowhere.

These were surprising findings for me. We are all learning and we cannot be super happy all the time. However, this is just another evidence that less is more. In terms of people, money, and projects.

Wrap up

The world is opening up again. Me and my cousin undertook our first international trip after corona lock down – two steps to Germany. Indeed, this was the most beautiful border I have seen in my life.

In May I learned how to live a normal life again. This was not easy and finding the right balance took me a lot of time. In the end, I could accomplish most of my goals, which I set for myself. I got used to my life in Prague and I am still not ready to leave. Who knows what the month of June has ready for me.

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