Dream journey 12: One Year later still in the beginning, yet motivated

It has been exactly one year since I started to work on my dreams. In this post, I would like to reflect on what has happened and how my life has changed so far.

When I began, these were my dreams:

1. I want to grow my BiggestDreamers Community in order to help more people to achieve their dreams 

2. I want to establish my own business/project I am passionate about and become financially independent in 5 years, so I do not have to work for money but just for my pleasure and have more time 

3. I want to make a movie

I have to say that I have proceeded especially on the dream number one and three. Furthermore, I have figured out that my second dream is actually included in my other dreams already. It has been quite a turbolent journey, which was not always easy, especially not in the beginning.

  1. Trying to grow my BiggestDreamers Community was an ongoing struggle, as I was failing to promote my idea further. On the other hand, I started my BiggestDreamers podcast and until today I have recorded 16 episodes, which makes me happy. As mentioned before, the promotion is an issue, but I believe that if I keep trying to become better and share this idea further, I will be able to spread it to a bigger amount of people. Anyway, I have already fulfilled my dream of having my own podcast show.
  2. I still do not have my own business but I know that it will be something connected to movie-making or BiggestDreamers. In order to proceed faster, I have at least created a “virtual” business with an account, which I want to use for my investments into my future business
  3. This was probably for me the biggest surprise, as I was able to produce several movies during the past year. I did not think that I will be so fast. This proves that I should go in this direction. I made not only my own movies but acted in several movies and got back to animating, which I was doing as a child.

June 2020

Charles Bridge in Prague

Compared to May, when I was trying to find the balance between my “corona” life and normal life, June was already normal and I could fully work on all of my projects. In the beginning, I re-discovered my two new dreams and realized that I have to learn even more than I did.

Furthermore, I was busy finishing my movie and shooting music videos for my friend David Jablonski, who is also working full-time on his dream to become a singer.

Finally, I was able to meet again my family, who visited me in Prague and I could travel to my home town in order to visit my grandparents.



This month, I organized the first meeting after the lockdown in a restaurant with 7 people attending. Despite having difficulties like the bad weather. In the end, we had a really nice discussion and I realized how much I was missing these meetings. Therefore, they will definitely continue.´

The first BiggestDreamers meeting in Prague

I interviewed also 4 interesting people for my BiggestDreamers podcast. Namely, it was Knoel, who dreams about having his own restaurant, Gabriel, who is on his way to Hollywood, Florian, who wants to master Chinese and David, who is working full-time on his dream to become a singer. You can listen to the interviews here.

David Jablonski
BiggestDreamers podcast
BiggestDreamers podcast

When interviewing, people listen to your voice. I was never satisfied with my voice (probably no one is), however, it has been one of my biggest issues, as I truly do have a specific voice. Until now, I was thinking of it rather as a disadvantage getting also remarks from others. This month, I decided that I want to change it and work on it. Do not understand me wrong, I do not want to change my voice. I just want to change my attitude towards it and be aware of how my voice works.

One of the ways how to reach this is singing. As a kid I was singing nicely, however, as a teenage boy you are not supposed to sing, because singing is just for girls, right? No! But I felt it that way when I was in secondary school. Now, my goal is not to become a singer, but rather to become aware of how my voice is working and to be able to sing, that I do not have to be ashamed of it. I believe, that this way I can become also a better podcast host and be again a bit closer to my “true me”.

Dreams are very complicated and now I do recognize that I was relying too much on sharing my dreams with strangers and not working hard enough. More importantly, I did not have any idols I could learn from. Therefore, I started to follow people I admire, so I can learn from them. These are namely Adela Vinczeová, who is a great Slovak host, Benn TK, a spectacular editor, and Shawn Mendez.


Once again, this was the area that I devoted most of my time to. I worked on editing music videos which you can see below. Making music videos was my dream and I am happy that I can learn a lot while cooperating with my friend David.

The second music video we worked together on with David

Furthermore, I could finish my movie, which I wanted to shoot already before the corona happened and I hope to make it public soon, after I apply for some festivals.

Besides making films, acting has been also my dream for a while. Unfortunately, I have never openely expressed my desire, therefore, I was kind of “stuck” relying only on my luck. This way, I was not able to become better and thus, get more roles. Therefore, I started to change my mindset and work on my acting skills. For the first time ever, I have attended an acting and improvisation workshop.

I also applied for more castings, got even two roles. Unfortunately, both projects were cancelled, leading me to a conclusion, that in the long run I can only rely on my own projects. I also acted in the first Czech short film, where I got a main role. The result was not terrible, however, there was still a potential for improvement.

You are only such a good cook as much you eat. If this is true, I am a terrible film-maker, as I do not watch any movies. The reason for this is that I regard this as wasting my time. The longer I think about it, the more I realize how wrong I am. If I want to make better films, I have to watch more of them, in order to get more inspiration. Therefore, I went for the first time to a cinema just by myself to watch 1917, which was a great one-take movie and I also saw the Korean Oskar movie “Parazite”, which opened my eyes. I have never seen such a great movie, where comedy would be combined with a thriller.


This month was financially not so strong, but it was also not a disaster. I continued my side-job as a German teacher. Due to lack of time and less students, I was not able to earn as much as in the previous months. This could have various reasons. Lockdowns around the world were lifted, which means that people have less time to learn. Furthermore, I increased my prices and failed to attract new students.

On the other hand, my expenses went up to the level which I was used to before the corona time.

This was my income:
Parents support:         350 €
Teaching :                     383 €
Total                                733 €

These were my expenses:

Food:                             153 €
Rent:                              303 €
Transportation:              38 €
Others:                          216 €
Total                               710 €

Once again, I was able to save a bit of money only thanks to my generous parents. I am glad that I am not entirely dependent on them, however, I still need this support.
I might be not the best person to earn money, but I know how to spend exactly as much as I wanted to spend. This was also probably the last month, where I spent so little on transportation, as I begin to travel from the next month on.

All in all, I was able to keep my finances quite balanced during the past year and did not lose as much from my savings as I thought. Nevertheless, it is hard to say if it is a success or not. I was able to do this because I was not investing much into my passion projects. The longer I think about it, the more I am convinced that I have been playing this game way to safely and that I should go 100% in.

My biggest success

Sunset over the Zizkov tower in Prague

I would consider re-discovering my two dreams, which I had for so long, has been my biggest success. Acknowledging, that I was neglecting them for so long was a painful process. However, there is no time to cry over spilled milk. I understand, that it is going to be a long journey to become proficient in these two disciplines, however, I know that I am passionate about both, and this way I will be able to keep going. 

My biggest failure

Another stunning view of the Prague castle

My success was at the same time my biggest failure. It showed me that I still have to learn so much about myself and my dreams. More crucially, I will have to revise my approach toward my dreams, which are still sometimes overwhelming me. In the past year, I was denying some of my dreams (like acting), I did not work hard on them to improve myself, did not have any idols I would follow and almost did not invest any money. The latest kept being my ongoing problem. Once again, I invested only 20 USD and it did not have any effect, naturally.

Whereas I could learn some of my mistakes, I was not able to do so with my investing and attitude towards promotion and marketing, which is still one of my biggest hurdles.


Seeing this almost every day made me happy last month

I failed big this month. However, this made me happy in the end, as I could learn from my mistakes and start to chase my newly found dreams. In June, I was working on many videos which is what I always wanted to do and so I cannot complain.

Most importantly, we can travel again at least around Europe and so I could see my family after more than 6 months.

Wrap up

This June was a nice dot after my one-year-long dream journey, which is still in the beginning. I know that I have to learn so many new things, that I have to change my mindset and develop myself further. I gave myself time till my 30th birthday (which is in 3 years) and I believe that by that time, I will see that the whole dream journey was the right step and I will continue forever.

I am starting my second year of freedom and I wish that I am able to produce further my podcast, make a feature film and learn how to sing and act to such an extent, that I do not have to be ashamed of it.
Furthermore, I hope that I will be able to sustain myself and inspire more people.

The life is full of surprises and I have never thought that I would end up in Prague, falling in love with this city. Now I am moving back to Vienna, with the world being endangered by the corona virus, which is limiting our freedom. I know that none of this would stop me from chasing my dreams. And it should not stop you either!

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