Dream journey 13: Slow beginning of my 2nd year

It has been more than a year since I decided to leave the “comfortable” life in a company that provided me with a stable paycheck every month. Many great things happened since then. I found my old passion, learned a lot, and got to know amazing people.

My name is Jirka and welcome to follow my dream journey, which I embarked on in July 2019. Whether you are my friend, a stranger, or someone from my family, I decided to share my newest adventure and path towards my dreams. If you have not read about my first month, I would highly encourage you to look at it first, so you know what I write about🙂

July 2020

This was a very slow-paced month and I am somehow very happy about that. First of all, having been away for more than 6 months, I had to restart my life in Vienna. In order to make it, I said to myself that I will try to minimize my travels as much as possible. In the end, I traveled only to the Alps for 4 days, where I had an amazing time with my friends. Furthermore, I worked on my videos, which I have not finished in Prague.

My goals and progress

I cannot complain about this month, as I was able to host two BiggestDreamers events and record 2 podcast episodes. I talked to Yasmin and Fadi about their dreams.

Organizing events without knowing how many people come in advance can be a bit stressful. In the end, there are always people who find ways to these events. After almost a year, I was able to organize another hiking and picnic event, which had a lot of success.

You can also listen to the newest podcast episodes here.
Finally, I bought a new microphone, which I did not have time to test yet. I hope that this will further increase the quality of my recordings.


This month, I would not say that I was very productive in terms of video production, however, I have to say that I focused also on other tasks. These were connected especially to the postproduction of my older films. I started to apply for film festivals, hoping to be accepted. Interestingly, one festival accepted my film already.
All in all, this corona time is not the best time for these events, as most of them have been either postponed or canceled.

Furthermore, I finished already a third music video for my friend David, who is on his way to becoming a singer. I am honored that I can help him at least this way.

My 4 day hiking tour with friends

Lastly, I was working on some smaller tasks for my friends, like editing an audiobook or a short promotional video.

Slowly, I have to think also about my future and where I want to be. I wish to be able to produce a series for one of the global movie distributors, in the long run, therefore, I started to work on a plan. I searched for other people who would be interested to work with me on my new short series and began to write a new script.

Moreover, I am thinking about being a volunteer for a transition festival in Vienna, which might be a great experience for me.

I also joined an improvisational theatre, which was so far a good experience. I am sure that it helps a bit my acting skills.

Last month, I promised myself, that I would watch more films. I did not watch any, however, I watched a lot of series like Dark and Elite and it inspired me a lot.


I do not know why, but this was the second most expensive month since I started to track my expenses. Interestingly, I have traveled only for 4 days. I would assume, that most of this can be traced back to my different eating habits, which I got in Prague. Having changed foods I am eating increased my spendings on food by a lot. Having hosted several friends added up to my budget as well. Still, I have to say that I was surprised, by how much I have exceeded my budget this month.
On the income side, I continued to earn as a German online teacher. I got one new student, but I also lost my two other students, and thanks to other irregularities, I have earned less.

This was my income:
Teaching:  320 €
Parents:     250 €
Total          570 €

These were my expenses:
Food:                   206 €
Transportation: 108 €
Rent:                    303 €
Others:                318 €
Total                     935 €

If I did my math correctly, I had to spend 365 € out of my savings, which is quite a lot. However, having saved some money during the last months, this does not seem to be so tragic and on average I am still around 0.
Financially, I should be able to last until my 30th birthday, as long as I try to earn a bit and live frugally.

My biggest success

I would say that it would be the restart of my life in Vienna. I was able to reconnect with almost all my friends who I wanted to see. Furthermore, I finished videos that I promised to finish and started to think about the post-production process for my films.
After many months of thinking, I finally invested in my equipment and bought some filming lights and a new microphone. Unfortunately, it will take some time until I am going to be able to use it.

My biggest failure

It took a lot of time to get me back on track and I was always being socially distracted, as I wanted to meet people who I have not seen for so long. Nice weather also kept me rather outside than inside, where I would have made bigger progress.


My happiness was mostly on a good level and I could not complain, as I had always good friends by my side. It felt like I did not leave Vienna at all. Sometimes, I felt a bit anxious though, as I did not know, whether the second wave of corona does not prevent me from seeing my family and progressing in my career.

Wrap up

Nothing great but also nothing terrible happened this month. This is perfectly fine, as I cannot expect to experience something huge every month. Nevertheless, despite many distractions, I managed to finish most of the tasks from my To-do list.
Since most of the events are going to be canceled for a longer time, I think that it is time to devote again more time toward my education and preparation for the future. I also feel, that I need to have a project I could work on, as this would give me some clear goal, at least in the short run.

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