Dream journey 16: It´s getting dark again

It has been more than a year since I decided to leave the “comfortable” life in a company that provided me with a stable paycheck every month. Many great things happened since then. I found my old passion, learned a lot, and got to know amazing people.

My name is Jirka and welcome to follow my dream journey, which I embarked on in July 2019. Whether you are my friend, a stranger or someone from my family, I decided to share my newest adventure and path towards my dreams. If you have not read about my first month, I would highly encourage you to look at it first, so you know what I write about:)

October 2020

My October did not start in the best way, as I was almost not let to enter Austria. This was the first sign, that the situation in Europe is becoming serious again and corona dominated all headlines. Nevertheless, in Austria, we were able to continue in a way our normal life. Mid-October first restrictive rules came in place and so it was very hard to organize any events. Thanks to this, I did not have any chance to travel or have any bigger trip outside of Vienna.
Even worse, currently, it looks that we will not be able to travel at all this winter.
The days became shorter and the overall mood darker. Despite all of this, I am still trying to chase my dreams. These corona pandemics will not force me to give up!

My goals and progress


Even though I was not traveling this month, I was still very busy with filmmaking and new restrictive rules for organizing events did not really allow me to organize another face to face event. Therefore, after a long time, October was the month without any BiggestDreamers meeting.
I wanted to start again my podcast, but this proved to be again more difficult than I thought and I had to postpone this once again.

In November, I am planning to organize a semi-online BiggestDreamers meeting, looking forward to welcoming people from all around the world.


Having organized successful film-meetups in September, I managed to organize another one in October, which was great as usual. I got to know new lovely people and we made another movie. This time, we had to shoot indoors, and therefore, I offered to shoot in the basement of the house where I live. Having finished the movie, I underestimated the time which is needed for editing. In the end, I needed almost three weeks to finish. Our result can be seen here:

Furthermore, I was busy preparing other film-projects and networking with new people. I also hoped to get to some film-festivals, this was not that much possible, as many events were canceled. I also had to postpone many of my plans. Nevertheless, I am going to use November to work on myself and my skills.

I have still many videos left and I think that I start to animate again, as not many other activities will be possible.

Besides this, I started a new theatre course, which was a lot of fun and where I could work on my acting skills. I hope that it will not be canceled and that we will be able to continue under the strict rules, which we already have anyway.

My biggest success

Not giving up and working on my own projects are things that I am really proud of. Surprisingly, this month I got some new students and was able to teach a lot. Teaching online is actually another thing, which I really enjoy and I am happy that I can do this job despite all the things, which are happening around us. When I started to teach back in April, I never thought that it would become almost a part-time job for me.

My biggest failure

I did not manage to do anything for BiggestDreamers especially because I was teaching a lot and then working on my film projects. Nevertheless, this should not be my excuse for not organizing a meetup, which takes only one evening.


I can slowly feel the pressure of all the events happening around us and not having any prospects to get out of this. When I quit my job back in 2019, I envisioned that I would leave every winter to a warm country, to escape the cold European winter and the short days which we have here. One year later, not only we are not allowed to travel, but also probably not able to leave our houses.  This, of course, does change my mood and happiness, as we have to become lonely. Unfortunately, compared to this spring, we will most probably not have long sunny and warm days, which would compensate for many things. I guess that this is another test for us.
I know that I am not going to be bored, as I have more than enough to do, however, dealing with social distancing will be not easy.

Wrap up

I cannot complain about this month, as many great things happened. I got to know great people, did great things, and most importantly, worked all the time on my dreams. However, getting mentally ready for the upcoming winter was one of the big topics, which kept my mind busy. I hope that together we will be able to support each other again, as we did this spring.

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