17. Yasmin – Dreaming in a sustainable way

BiggestDreamers podcast

People often claim how much they do for the environment, however, only very few of us really do something. Being inspired at the age of 11, Yasmin has always tried to do something for our planet, ultimately becoming an activist.

In this podcast episode, we didn´t talk only about the environmentalism, but also about financial independence and what you do, if you gain one year of freedom. Furthermore, being impacted by the lockdown, Yasmin discovered her new passion – gardening.

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16. David and his singing journey

David Jablonski

When we are kids, we know very well what we want. Unfortunately, in our teenage years, we become sensitive and ashamed of our true dreams, thus burying them deep in ourselves. The sad truth is that many of us do not find them anymore.

Fortunately, this was not the case of David Jablonski, who started to chase his dream of becoming a professional singer on a full-time basis. Since January this year, he has been able to produce already 6 singles.

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14. Gabriel and his journey to Hollywood

BiggestDreamers podcast

The life of an actor is not easy. You often have to deal with rejection. Going from one casting to another and waiting for the final decision can be frustrating. On the other hand, if you do not get one role you wanted to, you can be spotted for another one. Gabriel has a lot of these stories and he is working hard in order to act with the best – in Hollywood.

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12. Matúš and how his frustration turned into a big dream

When we have to decide after high school, what we want to study, a lot of us have no idea. Sadly, we often choose the wrong school or even the wrong studies. Matúš had the same problem and that brought him to the idea to give young people first-hand experience at their desired university before they start to study there.

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11. Alifa and her master plan to become the governor of the central bank in Indonesia

Dream big and have a plan, that could be the summary of our talk with Alifa Starlika, a digital economy enthusiast with a passion for education and a student of Public Policy in Cambridge in the United Kingdom. As a child, she saw that there is a big difference between her and other children, who were not as fortunate and had to be on the street of the Indonesian metropolis Jakarta. Having grown older, she started to dream of changing this.

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10. Jasmin and her career shift

BiggestDreamers podcast

It is never too late to change your direction. This is exactly what Jasmin Wimmer did. Having studied pedagogy, she started to work as a teacher. She had always loved to teach kids, especially when she worked as a ski instructor or in a summer camp.

However, when she realized that the reality of the school system in Austria is completely different, she lost all the illusion and decided to make a change in her career.

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8. Kuba and Ivča managing their dream company

dream company

Today´s BiggestDreamers podcast will bring us to Vietnam, where young entrepreneurs Kuba Smolka and Ivča Bartoňková have their own company. We will talk about how did they establish it or why did they even go to Vietnam. Most importantly, we will discuss why it is crucial to take advantage of any opportunity which occurs in your life, even if it means going to the other side of the world.

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6. Abhishek and his approach toward dreams

Abhishek and his approach toward dreams

It is hard to believe that we have been organizing our BiggestDreamers meetups for almost 2 years. Abhishek was one of the first guests and I am more than happy that he keeps coming back. He did not only achieved several of his dreams during this time but also helped many people with his advice. In this episode, we will have a look at his approach toward dreams.

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